Cremation Burial

Cremation Burial


To meet the growing desire for cremation, Jefferson Memorial offers a wide-variety of cremation burial options. Our cremation niches are offered in indoor, outdoor and private mausoleum spaces. A number of dignified and themed choices for cremation memorialization are available such as our exclusive La Pieta and Rose Trellis niches.

We have many goals at Jefferson Memorial, including saving your loved ones the stress and expense of making important decisions in their time of grief.

Furthermore, we truly believe a cremation should be treated like a traditional burial with a viewing or service giving families a chance to mourn and say goodbye to the loved one who has passed on. Having a final resting place to visit and remember your loved one is called "memorialization." Cremated remains, referred to as cremains, may be memorialized in the ground or placed in a niche or columbarium. Cremains are returned in a non-decorative plastic or tin container. As such, it is very common for family to place cremated remains in a decorative urn before interment or burial which we can provide.

Generally niche units and ground spaces are designed to hold two cremations; however, some large niches will accommodate up to four cremations.

Call our Advanced Planning Advisors today at (412) 655-4500 x 121 (ask for Amy) to make an appointment to see your options.

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Interment Fee

A separate charge not included in the purchase price of a grave, lawn crypt, mausoleum or niche and refers to the opening/closing fee for ground burial or entombment fee for mausoleum burial. This fee, if not pre-paid, is due the day of burial service.

  • Ground burial interment starting at $1,038
  • Indoor mausoleum entombment varies from $1,334- $2,350
  • Outdoor mausoleum entombment varies from $1,094- $2,100
  • Niche interment or burial varies from $475- $1,213

*Pricing varies from style and place of cremains burial. Your personal advisor can help you with selections and exact pricing.


Second Right’s Fee

All graves are sold with one burial right. Traditionally, single depth grave spaces hold one casket burial. However, at Jefferson Memorial each single depth grave space has the option to include one casketed burial plus one cremation. Alternatively, single grave space can include two cremations. When a second burial is to be added, a second right burial fee is incurred, thus giving you the opportunity to keep loved ones together.


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