Memorials & Markers

Death should not be considered the end but the beginning! It is the first step of creating a lasting tribute for the present generation to pass on to future generations. you may choose a traditional ground burial, indoor/outdoor mausoleum, niche or even your mantel at home. We believe your loved one should be honored and remembered. Our dedicated staff will help guide you every step of the way.  


Adult Bronze Memorials |

All of Jefferson Memorial’s gardens have bronze memorials instead of tombstones. Our memorials are tablets of bronze mounted on granite or concrete bases. They include the name of your loved on as well as any engraved images or emblems you would like memorialized.


Cremation Bronze Memorials | 

A variety of memorials are available including: small cremation memorials, individual memorials, companion memorials, for couples and larger, and triple memorials to mark 3 graves. We offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.


Personal Memorial Benches | 

Custom memory benches have become a popular addition to personal memorializations. All benches are made of enduring granite and are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Many unique benches, some with statues, are available and are priced upon request.


Special Memorialization

You may have the desire to memorialize in a more personalized way. Throughout the cemetery you will find examples of such devotion. Each inquiry is personally handled and customized to the clients wishes and may include special memorialization in our Pets & People section.

These and other unique memorialization items are priced individually upon request. 


Bench: I saw one next to the road. Can I purchase one too?

In addition to a normal bronze memorial grave marker, some families want to do something extra special. Memory benches, often with special carving, have become very popular.


Who repairs Sunken markers?

If you report this condition to the cemetery office we will see that it is lifted and reset. Any marker that is cracked or damaged will be repaired through the cemetery's endowment care fund on behalf of the family.

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